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Agent Provocateur?

So you are standing together with some colleagues chatting and joking about, well, management. What else could you do at Bond University to keep up your spirit?

Then someone I hardly have seen before joins the group and after a short while starts to greet you with the Hitler Gruss.

Now, I do not know about you, but that does not happen to me a lot, actually it never happened to me when I was living in Austria for 40+ years.

What - if you were not completely perplexed, which I of

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Shooting the Messenger

My most educated readers will immediately recognize that passage:

Yet the first bringer of vnwelcome Newes
Hath but a loosing Office: and his Tongue,
Sounds euer after as a sullen Bell
Remembred, knolling a departing Friend

Rightio, Henry IV by William Shakespeare.

So what has this to do with Gopal Gupta, one of the many Deans at Bond University I had the opportunity to ... experience in the last years?

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My Hell is Your Hell

You do not get too many disturbed students to see normally. Maybe at Bond University there are tendentially more because their enrollment process is more neutral relative to the student's capacity and is more biased towards the bigger potential in a student. I just love euphemisms.

So it did not happen very often that I got angry emails from students, but I remember one from this Chinese girl:

Robert, only because your life is hell, this does not mean that you must make everyone else's life hell too!
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Sacrifices to the Deans

I really struggle to work through all the BuBB's (uhm, Bond University bungles and bullshit), there are just too many of them over the years. And worse, they are all intrinsically sad, so it takes hard work from my side to turn them into something remotely entertaining you can read here.

Such as about another former Dean, let's call him, say, Gopal Gupta. Mr. Napoleon was a bit of a power person. Which was good clean fun to watch, because you could closely study the dynamics of feudalistic structures in small communities. Gopal just loved to create

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