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Vienna.pm TechSocialMeet:

10/01/2007 - 19:00
10/01/2007 - 22:00

Das erste Vienna.pm Tech/Social/Meeting findet statt am

1.10.2007 ab 19:00


in den Räumlichkeiten des NIG (Neues Institutsgebäude)

NIG, Raum D116, im Gang D


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Q & A (Part I)

In the following posts I will challenge your creativity. I will post a question from a Bond University student and your task is to come up with a clever, educating and entertaining response. In the followup posts I will present my canonically, politically (more-or-less) correct answer.

Here's the first one:

"Robert, we don't like our text book, it weighs way too much. Can you write us another one?"
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Running Gravograph98 inside VMware

Recently I migrated my mom to Linux, well, not her but the Windows XP machine in her small shop where she sells trophies and engravings. No, I did not do the web site. (Update: web site has been revamped).

While her requirements are mostly trivial (Office, Mail, Browser, Patience Game), she also owns a IS200 engraving machine which is programmed by Gravograph (Gravostyle),

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The Met\rho{}salem

1753 was a rather unremarkable year. No important person was born, no important person died. But I was born 1753. On the January, 1st to be exact.

It was a Monday, probably raining, and I remember it as if it was yesterday. Or so I should, according to my Internet Service Provider's information about me:


So if you meet me some time, I'd ask for more respect for my age.

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I Saved The World Today (Maybe)

This Bond University student was standing in the door of my office. He had this smug smile, and he was saying the magic words:

Robert, I pay, so I cannot fail.

I was already wondering what the insult of the day would be. But since it was only early in the morning, management was not awake enough to broadcast one of their self-adulating, intelligence-insulting all-staff emails. So this 20 year old won the daily race. Congrats.

And, in your course you do not give us a book. In all my previous courses I had in my life
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