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You're Ugly as Hell

Australians are an extremely polite bunch of people. On the verge to complete political correctness perhaps, but they definitely know how and when to chat someone up:

You're ugly as hell.

Ok, I have never deluded myself to be a 100% lookalike of George Clooney, but...

So I was standing some hours at the Bond University booth at one of these education fairs. It is not easy to get the attention of 15-year olds; maybe I should also add that I do

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Q & A (Part III)

I knew you would fold to my recent Bond University student question:

"Robert, I'm having difficulties answering some of the questions in the assignment. Can I send my private tutor to ask you a couple of questions?"

I just knew it.

This is because you do not have the Bond psychological experience (patent pending, I'm assured). What you can learn there is how to whiz through the 5 stages of Grief in Loss Of Self-Appreciation within a few nanoseconds:

  • Denial-Shock (115 picoseconds)
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The Nifsan Affair

There was never a Nifsan Affair. That is actually the whole gist of this little story.

In 2000 Bond University was approached by Nifsan, a property developer. Property development in Australia is big money and since IT was extremely promising at that time, Nifsan decided to invest into a potential Internet-related product, possibly a start-up.

So they rang up Gopal Gupta, the Dean of the IT faculty at that time and he arranged a meeting. For Nifsan alone 6

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WIAWTD: Topic Maps Ontology Language (TMOL)

This is obviously in the What I always wanted to do rubric. So if you happen to be one of these bored multi-billionaires, or alternatively, a research director for a semantic services R&D department using Topic Maps - normally my readers fall broadly into these two categories - then maybe this is for you to consider.

In an earlier version of TMQL (not the one which is discussed for standardization now) we allowed for developers to define their own functions and their own predicates. For a function the idea was to

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Q & A (Part II)

Hmm, I think this whole Q&A thing was probably a mistake. Your answers to "Robert, we don't like our text book, it weighs way too much. Can you write us another one?" are getting better than mine:

  • No, I cannot. But you can reduce the weight by ripping out every second page. You can repeat this process until the weight reaches your expectations.

Maybe you have more problems with a trickier student question:

"Robert, I'm having difficulties answering some of the questions in
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"Kill The Vice-Chancellor Bond"? Why?

Who on earth would google for such a phrase? At least according to my log files of this blog.

AFAIK, the VC is a very, very, very nice person and he has probably done only good. For instance, Bond university marketing improved a lot since he arrived. Well, I cannot say anything about the effectiveness but the marketing girls got prettier. And that is definitely an improvement, trust me on that.

Yes, that request was coming from an Australian network, but what should I do now?

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