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Q & A (Part VIII)

I still owe you the proper response to the Bond University student question posed in Part VII of our mini-series.

"Robert, this is my last trimester and I am not sure whether I can pass the exam. Can you do me a favor and ... I mean ... if there is only one or two marks missing.... you know ..."

There are actually several reactions to this one, depending on your mood and your physical fitness:

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A 5 min Introduction into TMRM

When you are using Topic Maps, then you most likely are familiar with the TMDM, the data model for Topic Maps. It defines items such as topics with their various identification mechanisms, and names and occurrences and associations. TMDM is quite easy to wrap your mind around.

Still, TMDM may not sit at the very center of the Topic Map paradigm in sense that the selection of constructs such as topic, occurrence, name and association is - while anthropocentrically useful -

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  • blog on navigation
  • path expressions
  • legends and the TMDM mapping
  • path expression calculus


  • add relabeling to the Merging section?

larsbot's issue list

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This is just a stub. All attached information is NOT official. Use it at your own risk.

My wishlist for a 2.0 version:

  • variants should die (slowly and painfully, credits lheuer and /me)
  • assocs should be generalized occurrences and names, i.e.
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TMQL: Tutorial Documents

If you have missed my TMQL tutorial in Leipzig, do not despair. I have updated, streamlined, corrected .... the TMQL Overview and also the document covering the most relevant language features (WORK IN PROGRESS!!).

All are relative to the 2007-07-13 version but we also decided to work on some changes in the recent ISO meetings during the last days.

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