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ESW, Task I, Submission Modalities

Anmeldung wo?


(siehe Anhang fuer groessere Version)

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  • rechts davon Aushang mit 2 x A4, mit ESW gekennzeichnet

Anmeldung wie?

  • Jede Gruppe traegt sich mit ihren Matrikelnummern ein
  • sollte freier Platz auslaufen, dann kann eine der Pausen angepatzt werden (im Ausgleich sind Wurstsemmeln und Topfengulatschen im ausreichenden Mass mitzunehmen)
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At least I'm wearing my own underwear...

Fashion in Australia, so-called "Australian Fashion", sometimes also coined "Australian style" is an interesting anthropological concept. At least for an European. Or for a linguist. Or for an european linguist.

You cannot have too many eyebrows which you will want to raise when being confronted with attempts of being fashionable. Worse, Australians do not miss any opportunity to show off their interpretation of the concept fashion [1]:


This pair won the "Fashions on the Field" competition for

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TMCL (Topic Maps Constraint Language)

Documents here are private copies. They do not have any official relevance. Use them at your own risk.

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CTM (Compact Topic Maps)

This page contains private copies of documents. They have no official meaning. Use them at your own risk.

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Great White Sharks, uhm Lies

On Australian news you will regularily hear about encounters between sharks and surfers, more on the West than on the East coast. These encounters usually do not end well for the shark: it manages to bite off only small bits and pieces of the surfer himself, usually arms, shoulders or legs. The rest involves chewing of glass fibre.

Sort-of an encounter of the feed-th kind.

With that background, close encounter stories are quite credible among the surfer community and so are also pictures a professional photographer published onto a

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