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A Gentle Touch of North Korea

Ron, the mormon, he is gone. Do not bother, let's move on.

Relax, this is not me trying to be poetic. Not today.

It was 2005 when the news were broken to us. Ron Davison, our excellently and innovatively strategizing dean was not any longer our dean.

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Why Are Topic Maps not Maps?

Recently I was experimenting with map software. No, not with Topic Maps software, but software for cartographic maps, such as GRASS or MapServer.

While the choice for the term Topic Maps is quite natural to me, it was (and still is) not yet clear to me how far the analogy with maps actually goes. There is something about cartographic maps which all graphical representations of topic maps I so far do not seem to have:

  • A metric, i.e. a concept of distance.
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