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Linux Lab (Part I)

  • "Hi! I'm the new academic in the IT faculty. Gopal sent me here. He said, you might help me."

Cathy looked up from her paper work.

Gopal, who?

It was late 2000 and I was standing in Cathy Murray's office. At that time she was responsible for the finances at Bond University. I had thought she would have known Gopal. There were not too many people in the IT faculty, let alone people named Gopal, let alone people named Gopal who happened to be Dean.

  • "Uhm, Gopal Gupta, Dean of the IT faculty."
Ah, Gopal.

She returned to her paper work.

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GRASS Scripting: Contours and Reliefs

grass is a library of commands for manipulating, analyzing and displaying cartographic information. While the functionality itself has evolved now for many years, it was scattered over different organisations, programming languages and a zoo of different map formats.

grass' biggest achievement is to have brought all this functionality into a common framework and also to provide an interactive Tk application which allows amateurs like me to experiment with amazing features while remaining mostly

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ESW, Task II, Submission Modalities

Anmeldung wo?


(siehe Anhang fuer groessere Version)

  • 2. Stock
  • Glastuer
  • rechts davon Aushang mit 2 x A4 mit Zeitraster 9:00 - 18:00
  • Achtung: 10. Jaenner links, 9. Jaenner rechts (ich sag's nur...)

Anmeldung wie?

  • Jede Gruppe traegt sich mit ihren Matrikelnummern ein
  • sollte freier Platz auslaufen, dann kann eine der
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XTM 1.0

This is my private copy of XTM 1.0 (website has been flaky recently). This information has no official standing.

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TMRM Exegesis: Maps and Merging

Continuing with our tour through the TMRM we can now look into complete maps. Once we have namely collected a number of TMRM proxies into a set, we can actually call that already a subject map.

A decent implementation of subject maps will maybe take care that every proxy label used within a proxy inside a particular map has a corresponding proxy in the same map, but the TMRM itself does not concern itself with this.

Generic Merging = Set Union

Since at this level maps are simply sets, we can

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