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Swimming With Sharkbert

I smiled patiently. I had decided to ride out his annoying drivel:

"... and besides my career at Bond I run a successful consulting business yada and yada teaching at the business school yada ..."

The HR director Chris Andrews and I were sitting in his office, the fish bowl. It was located at Bond University's most busiest corner and through the full-front glass windows you could see people passing by. And everyone passing by could see inside. Maybe not an office perfectly suited for a human resource director, unless ... unless he is the person who

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Syntactic Christmas, Again

Australians also celebrate christmas around that time. It is not as big as the Easter holidays and not as intrusive as the Indy 300 car race, but it is getting bigger over the years.

More and higher (artificial) christmas trees, more (artificial) red noses on 15-year old girls, and more Santa Clauses meandering in the shopping centers. BTW, they are artificial too. No one has seen the North Pole. Yes, I asked.

It is quite difficult to get into the christmas mood (if there is such a thing) when it has more than 40 degrees \

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Cookie Monsters in the Closet

Warning from the General Perl Surgeon:

Googling for Perl Apache handlers can be harmful to your mental health. Really.

Yesterday I came across the following code fragment within an Apache handler:

my $id = undef;
foreach (keys %cookies)
   if(($_) eq 'T2G')
      $id = $cookies{$_}->value;

Aren't the brackets formatted so nicely?

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