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January Despair.com Posters

Analysing the [b]log files, I realise that there is considerable demand for despairment, especially from the U.S. Not sure what this should tell me.

I have a fair bit of posters in the queue, but many of them do not make it past the censor (my wife, yes). So I'm holding back. As always. ;-)

Anyway, for all the collectors out there, here a small palette for your January screensaving. I might come back with a February sample. When my wife is not looking.

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Perl Apache Recipe: Session Cookies in MySQL

Believe it or not. I could not google successfully for a minimal and coherent Perl solution for storing session information in a MySQL database. One that is actually working and has survived the Apache2/mod_perl2 version chasm.

Which obviously rules out MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession. That would be the minimal canonical way as it can be fully configured from the httpd.conf file. But to make this work, I would have to manage a local patch, something I'd like to avoid.

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