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Recipe: Contours with Perl and GNUplot

Ah, and before I forget: Here is a trivial, but elegant piece of Perl code which utilizes the trusty GNUplot program to compute a 3D presentation of a given elevation model, together with its contours.

Something like this:


Invocation in Perl

To start the GNUplot binary we will open another process from the Perl program.

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GIS and Semantic Technologies Grant

Just a quick heads-up for those who are interested: This year I will work together with the folks at the Austrian Research Centers (environmental IT systems, to be exact) on implementing semantic technologies into their products.

Their product line(s) in this area have grown over the years and flexible data integration and meaningful presentation of environmental information to end users are the core issues there. The ARCS engineers have already started to \

ESW End Term Exam Information

General rules:

  • open book: you can bring anything with you, that is anything, which is not human
  • language: the text and your answers will be in English,
  • duration: test will last about 2 hours
  • identity proof: bring some document with you which links you with a student ID (Matrikelnummer)

Sample Tests

See the attachments.

Here is a sample of the kind of questions you might expect:

  • Given a particular (set of) DL definition(s), what is their equivalent in FOL (first order logic)?
  • Given a particular FOL expression, what is the equivalent \
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TMRM Exegesis: Taxonometrics

In our series about TMRM we have covered so far:

Apart from the bottom proxy (remember, the one with no properties at all), there was so far no need to predefine any proxies. As soon as we want TMRM to honor subclassing of concepts and also to understand a type-instance

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