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TU-BALL 2008 (Ball der Technik)

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Obligatory Cat Blogging

I recently realized that I have violated one of the unwritten laws of blogging: namely to write an entry about cats, not to forget cat images, of course.


As a consequence I have probably lost my core readership, namely the "U.S. midwestern women in the middle age bracket". That - so I authoritatively read - is the user class which predominantly clicks on ad banners, and therefore it is them who makes Google and the Internet hum.

I am only too happy to end this cat-lessness with a story of

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Update: Perl AI::NeuralNet::SOM

On a quick note: I have updated my Perl distribution AI::NeuralNet::SOM. It implements Kohonen's Self-Organizing Maps (SOM).

The previous version was quite unsmart in the way it would select the next feature vector to test against the current SOM. Worse, under adverse circumstances it would ignore some vectors. So it would converge, but much slower than actually possible. If the inbound vector dimension is small or the

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