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Unhappy With SPARQL

At the moment I'm spec'ing out semantic extensions for an algebraic language for an environment monitoring system. Sensor endpoints send raw measurement data into a concentrator. There these values are value-added, i.e. checked for plausibility and flagged appropriately, maybe re-measured after a new calibration cycle. At a central server the raw data is then aggregated into more abstract concepts, such as a "sliding mean value over the last 6 hours", or "ozon strain on plants". This is where the algebraic language kicks in. It operates on time series.

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You know you are from Queensland when...

This was too good to leave it unprotected on the open Internet. With some editing.

You know you are from QLD when...

  • Both of your parents were born in another state.
  • You are unsure if you're a racist or not because you have never met someone from outside Australia.
  • You are generally confused why someone would choose to live where the weather is as bad as it is in Melbourne.
  • You don't own an umbrella.
  • You believe 3rd degree sunburn from a solarium in the middle of winter will make you look more attractive. And your girlfriend thinks it does...
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February Despair.com Posters

Finally, the wait is over. Here another set for your despairment.

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CTM != Cobol Topic Maps, Please

I have an increasingly hard time to hide my impatience with the progress, or actually non-progress, or actually regress of the CTM standardization.

Before I kill somebody (and my list is long) and as compensation I followed up the idea to draft a COBOL Topic Maps notation. It was probably born on #topicmaps, maybe also in one of the SC34 meetings. We do weird things there.

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