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Mostly Harmless (Curious George, I)

I was just about to drive my Hyundai into Bundall road to turn southwards for the weekend. Little drops of rain fell on the front screen. I knew the rain would not last. It's Australian rain, fake rain.

The staff meeting at Bond University was still going through my head. I was happy. But I did not know why.

The meeting occurred after the former dean Ron Davison had left the building and the faculty was downgraded to a School. That had lingered on for some more weeks,

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TMQL Issue: Reasoning Through the Backdoor?

While browsing through the current issues for TMQL I came across the one issue which describes a feature request to extend navigation.

If I remember it correctly, this was thinking along the lines of compactifying the current navigation syntax and to take this further, say, by allowing

rho <<- is-located-in * ->>

Ignore the symbols, I just make them up as I go.

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TMQL and the Curse of TMDM

One of the features of Topic Maps, specifically of TMDM, is to offer a wide variety to express subject-related information and relationships. Alone for connecting information you have full-blown associations, specialized ones called occurrences and even more specialized ones called names. And then you have all the topic identification, reification stuff and other warts (which shall better not be mentioned here).

This is all in sharp contrast with RDF, which reduces all \

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Linux Lab (Part II)

"Knock, knock. Are you running the Linux lab?"

Claire had stuck her head through my open office door. I knew Claire (name changed, I am too embarassed to admit I forgot hers) as she was working at Bond University on some sort of marketing projects. If you know what I mean. Well, I actually don't know what it means.

But she was referring to the room opposite my office.

  • Yes, we just finished the web server course for the trimester.

That day I was pretty exhausted as all students just had submitted their assignments. Managing the

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