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Gender Stereotypes: Come Again

My commuter train was just about to reach its terminal. I stood up to get the pole position at the door, but two girls already blocked the exit. Both around 17 years, and if things couldn't get worse, they were chatting.

I embraced myself for another 60-second glimpse of hell, surely a circle Dante has forgotten to write about. In an anticipatory-defensive move, my mind was racing: girlfriend stuff ("she always calls me"), boyfriend stuff ("he never called me"), school stuff ("they always call me").

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Willing to Assist Whenever Required

Warning: The following text may distress an egalitarian reader. Feudalists, Australian monarchists and Bond University administrators should be fine.

Bond University with its strongly layered and compartmentalized micro-societies is an interesting sociopathic study ground. When you are interested in post-industrial feudalism, that is.

They have a rich culture of controlled depreciation, so that everyone knows where he stands, and is supposed to remain.

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