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Exodus (T minus 3 months)

The curtain lifts. Act I, Scene I. The calendar on the wall shows February 2007. Iain Morrison's office.

Iain was the Head of School at Bond University and I finally got an opportunity to break my news:

  • "... but, Iain, but I cannot see much future here. And I am too young to retire at an Australian university. I definitely want to return to civilization."

Iain Morrison looked completely surprised. Understandably, because I had invested a lot of time in the months before to help him to get his Innovation Center on its feet. But it became

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Update: Perl TM - Topic Maps

Yesterday I have uploaded a new version of my Perl Topic Maps Infrastructure.

Those few of you who were courageous enough to try it out in the past will have suffered from dramatic shifts in the interfaces over the time. I admit that I have been quite selfish in this respect and only satisfied my needs at the time, without regard of much backwards compatibility. Or the quality of the documentation.

Especially in 2004/2005 I experimented with many variations of the package structure to support

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