Week of 04/13/2008 - 02:00 to 04/20/2008 - 01:59

Update: TMQL Overview and Language

Triggered by the TMQL tutorial I gave before the Oslo conference I have updated both documents

They are both relative to TMQL 2007-07-13.

  • I still owe you all an update of the TMQL issue list to manifest the decisions from Oslo. This will follow next.
  • In June these issues must have made it into the TMQL spec.
  • Maybe someone would want to try how the spec
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Announce: Perl TM::Corpus

Here is TM::Corpus as experimental package to extend a topic map by all the documents it references. A map corpus is then all the internal and external (text and data) content a map covers.

Usage is simplistic:

use TM;
my $tm = ... # some map

use TM::Corpus;
my $co = new TM::Corpus (map => $tm) # bind with map
         ->update                    # link in all content from map
         ->harvest;                  # link in content external to map

Once such a map corpus is in your hands, \

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Update: Perl TM::Virtual::DNS

This package implements a virtual map, i.e. a topic map which is a view on some resource. What makes this case extreme, is the fact that you can actually never materialize the global DNS. Not that it would make sense.

While this package existed for quite some time, it broke due some major changes in the core TM package. Now it is working again, and I have even improved the documentation to such a point that it not any longer is completely misleading. :-)

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