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in den Räumlichkeiten des NIG (Neues Institutsgebäude)

NIG, Raum D116, im Gang D
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Dell World Police

I am on the run. I am on the run from WoDePo, the World Dell Police. But I am innocent. I swear. Sort of, because I swear a lot.

Act I

When escaping from Australia I brought with me my Dell Inspiron laptop (aka The - stinkingly hot - Brick). This very act was probably highly illegal, and for many months I simply got away with it.

But even highly-trained ter\rho{}rists like me make mistakes. In my case I managed to damage The Brick. Disk was ok, but The Brick would not boot any more. Obviously something motherboard-ish.

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Insane Perl Programming

No surprise that Perl has such a bad image, probably because it just makes things too easy. And too obvious to make wrong.

Look at the following CGI code snippet, which I am about to reengineer into a tiny OGC SOS framework:

my $request = "";
$request = $inparams{REQUEST} if ( $inparams{REQUEST});
$request = 'GetCapabilities' if ! $request;

That tries to solicit a value from %inparams and if that does not exist, use a default. Sounds like a sentence, right?

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