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Perl TM Tutorial: Pah, Merging (Part VI)

(Followup to part V)

What I resent about some TM introductions is that they depict merging semantics as if it had anything to do with two or more maps being combined.

Well, it hasn't.

Anyone who has written a deserializer, i.e. software which reads a map in a certain notation (XTM, CTM, LTM, AsTMa, ...) to build a topic map instance knows that merging should be done at the end of the deserialization of this single map.

Or maybe not.

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Update: TMQL Issues

Finally I found the time (read motivation) to update the TMQL issues list with

  • the decisions post Leipzig 2007
  • my elaborations on these issues, pre Oslo 2008
  • the discussions and decisions in Oslo 2008, and
  • decisions I made for the remaining open issues (as requested by the convener)

Maybe you have time to glimpse over these and point out existing oversights. I'll wait for some

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Australia Going Green

Australian politicians are like other politicians. Only more, uhm, australian. Which entitles them to clear opinions, straight views and unabashed public statements.

In the light that Australia's massive coal exports into China probably will account single-handedly for most of the Global Warming, Australia is going green recently. They even go as far as to consider banning one-way plastic bags from shopping malls.

This results in dramatic shifts in policy making.

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