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Republish: RESTful TM Interaction Protocol 0.3

Since I have to do some internal reshuffling and have no access to the Bond ^%&^%&^ servers anymore, I have republished my original TMIP (TM interaction protocol) specification.

I will probably have to make a few changes in the near future, some of which are triggered by changes in TMQL.

In terms of more RESTful protocols the TM community seems to have quite a few:

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TMIP, Topic Maps Interaction Protocol

Specs and stuff.

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Upcoming Gnuplot Book by Manning

Right after my Perl/Gnuplot integration post Philipp Janert contacted me to tell me that he is currently writing a book about Gnuplot.

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Update: Perl TM 1.39 - Topic Maps

I have just uploaded TM 1.39 as a maintenance release onto CPAN. Mostly minor bug fixes and improvements of documentation.

The only notable thing is the addition of a plugin infrastructure for the tm workbench. That will be used for the TM-Corpus and also the TM Corpus vector space packages I will report on a bit later. They have to do with creating graphical maps from topic maps.

I have not mentioned the workbench yet, as it is still a bit flaky. It is supposed to become a fully-fledged topic map management system on the \

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Perl TM Tutorial: For TMDM Acolytes (Part VII)

(Followup to part VI)

If you belong to the "Church of TAO" and the TMDM standard is your bible, then the Perl package TM::DM might be something for you.

The package provides a (thin) layer on top of the existing TM implementation. The layer should work with any map, also those which are virtual, or others which persist in some backend.

Ramping Up

The synopsis should already give you a good idea how to use this. First we need some map:

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Exodus (T minus 2 months)

Curtain. Act I, Scene II.

The familiar feeling. Again, I was sitting opposite the man with the thin white hair.

The calendar showed March, 8th. It was now a full month that I had asked Iain Morrison to settle my payout entitlements with the university.

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