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Confession Time! (Part I)

What many people do not know about me:

I do actually read spam mails. All of them.

It started when I was still employed at Bond University. Back then this was a daily routine: SPAM mail from the middle management, full of strangely ministerial buerocratic language, such as ... henceforth be advised ..., ...please be advisedth..., the Vice Chancellor in his infinite wisdom and his beauty wishes to advise to the general mortal populace..., etc.

But the hilariously amusing aspect in this idiocy had an unexpected effect on me:

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Update: Perl TM 1.41 - XTM support

On the way to a CPAN mirror near you: Perl TM 1.41

During the last days I have added - without much enthusiasm, mind you - XTM support, for versions 1.0, 2.0 (and the intermediate 1.1). Especially 1.0 is cumbersome programming. Let's thank the XTM editors for the much simpler version 2.0.

Support means deserialization and serialization, so you should be able to create valid XML instances in all the above flavors.

Since Perl TM is not following the TMDM as underlying model, there are a few caveats,

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TMRM FCD on its way

The editors of TMRM have concocted a new TMRM version. It will be soon on its way into the innards of the ISO repository.

Notable decision from Oslo (April 2008) was to factor out the TMDM mapping and add it, maybe as addendum later.

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The Java Drivel

"... and for this I will use a factory generator factory which gives me references to a repository manager."

I gave the Java engineer a blank stare.

  • "What?"

He leaned back in his chair and crossed his hands behind his head apparently relaxing.

"That's the way to do it in Java."

I already could see another 200 MB main memory going down the drain and into the bowel of some Java application. And the start-up time would reach lunch-break dimensions.

My whole IT life was passing before my inner eye. I remembered the Z80 with the whopping 1MHz

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