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Republish: TMIP Paper

Obviously there has been quite some interest in the original TMIP specification. For this reason I figured that some people would also appreciate an online version of the paper elaborating on the spec. It contains a number of typical use cases.

Nota Bene: This is ancient history (2005).

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Perl TM Tutorial: TMDBMS 4 The People (Part IX)

(Followup to part VIII)

As long you deal with a small number of separate topic maps, then you can spend a variable for each of the topic map objects. Since Perl TM topic map instances are just data structures, you can also arrange several maps in lists or hashes. Why not.

You might reach a state, though, where you want to organize more maps and maybe attach information to them, such as authorships, date of creation and so forth. You may even want to associate individual topic maps with each other.

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