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Topic Maps are Maps!

A while back I ranted that topic maps are normally not visualized as (quasi) geographical maps. I argued that the map metapher is so natural to most of us that lifting it into a semantic space is worth a try.


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June Despair.com Posters

Yes, I have been a bad boy and have skipped the April and May installments. Not from the lack of ideas, but simply of time.

But now I'm back with another dose:

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Announce: RDF::Redland::DIG

RDF::Redland is the Perl wrapper around the RDF Redland libraries. At the Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf we (actually Lara Spendier) created a first version of RDF::Redland::DIG which provides a DIG reasoner backend for Redland.

DIG is an XML-based protocol applications can use to talk to a reasoner process. In the first steps you will have

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