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Strawberry Fields Forever

The research center I work in is in the south of Vienna, closer to the traditional strawberry fields. So it is quite natural that the farmers directly drive by at noon and offer strawberries, fresh only a few hours after having been harvested.


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Perl TM Tutorial: The Trick is to Keep Breathing (Part X)

(Followup to IX)

While there will always be scenarios where you will appreciate the genericity and flexibility in terms of synchronisation which comes with using traits, in many cases the problem you need to solve is much simpler.

Maybe you just have a map in a CTM file and every time the program starts, map content should be read from that file. Or maybe your program probes a database at regular intervals and creates topic map content from it. Which should be finally copied into an XTM file. Or maybe you want both, i.e.

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Working with Redland RDF and a DIG Reasoner

(by Lara Spendier, adaptions by rho)

RDF::Redland is the Perl wrapper around the Redland RDF libraries. With it you can read, write and query RDF graphs.

While Redland supports SPARQL to a large degree, there is no support for OWL, or any other kind of reasoning. This is where RDF::Redland::DIG kicks in: It is an extension to exchange information with a DIG reasoner, i.e.

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