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MapReduce in a Bottle

You probably have heard about MapReduce, the method to highly parallelize certain algorithms so that they can be run on large processing farms. Several more-or-less good introductions of how this works exist, but most of them suffer from lots of technological noise, distracting from the core concepts.

Here - mostly for my own understanding - I try to recapture what MapReduce does, and I try to be as minimalistic as possible, even throwing away first MapReduce's biggest feature: parallelism.

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Perl TM on Mac OSX

Yesterday I wondered how much effort it would be to install the Perl TM distribution on a MacBook Pro.

Of course I made sure that the Xcode 3.0 developer tools were installed from the shipped DVD, and amazingly enough a cpan frontend to the CPAN mirror servers was already installed together with the Perl 5.8.8 there.

Then the usual incantation:

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July Despair.com Posters

Yes, I managed not to get beaten up by a drunken soccer fan and am jolly on the spot with the truth, nothing but the truth.

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Update: Perl TM 1.42 - CTM support (experimental)

Available on CPAN: Perl TM 1.42

This version is really more a maintenance release, fixing some smaller annoyances and cleaning out the bugtracking backlog.

The CTM support is experimental, read-only (and will remain so) and it lacks some features:

  • reification of maps
  • %mergemap vs. %include directive
  • %encoding
  • comments

I found implementing CTM not quite easy, fortunately lheuer has prepared a number of useful

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