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The Business of Appreciation

One of the awards in life which await you when you (a) have a family and (b) have earned a Ph.D. in computer science is that you are promoted to 1st, 2nd and 3rd level IT support. And if you are immensely lucky you become the CTO of the family business en passe.


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TMQL: Specification Update

The TMQL editors have delivered a new version (PDF) which incorporates all outstanding issues.

We have also fixed many small editorial problems and also removed all tracers, i.e. intentional mistakes which help checking whether someone actually has read the document.

Just to give people an estimate about the amount of effort: in this year I alone spent 3 weeks on TMQL, something which would not be possible if \

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Exodus (T minus 2 weeks)

The situation mid April 2007 at Bond University was now at follows:

  • I had signed an agreement in March to leave for research overseas in May, and to get a redundancy payment in exchange for some academic work.
  • Based on the agreement we had sold house, car, cat, and shipped everything what is worth shipping to Europe. The rest we have given away.
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MapReduce Pipeline in Perl

Perl's attitude to things is to be as unobtrusive as possible. Well, at least this is my approach.

In terms of using MapReduce inside a Perl application the following API should suffice:

use Parallel::MapReduce;
my $mri = new Parallel::MapReduce (...);

my $B = {1 => 'this is something ',
         2 => 'this is something else',
         3 => 'something else completely'};
my $C = $mri->mapreduce (
                         sub { ... mapper here ... },
                         sub { ... reducer here .. },

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