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Random Short Story

The climb had become steeper. The only sound he could hear was his own breath, eclipsing the soft rustle of the snow swirls around him.

He knew time was running short. Only a few moments ago the sun had disappeared behind the long mountain range in the west. The shadows moved fast and he immediately had felt the drop in temperature. But more concern was the incoming storm, now only minutes away. No one would survive it in the open.

He turned to look down the long snow field.

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Exodus (T - 1 week)

The lawyer held up the agreement I had signed together with Iain Morisson, head of the IT school at Bond University:

"Of course it is binding."

Andrew Walker was the leading legal employment specialist and partner at the law firm Quinn & Scattini.

"Yeah, and it's Bond again. They just shafted someone very badly from the Medical School. They seem to have a track record here."

I was not sure whether he just wanted to scare us, \

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