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Recipe: SVN post-commit hooks in Perl

As the original SVN documentation about post-commit hooks has obviously been written by Trappist monks (larsbot, did you know they also have a special beer?) and the googlian brute force gives me cranky

64,200 useless results for SVN post-commit hooks

I spent some trial&error time for installing an SVN hook which is supposed to be triggered whenever a document is committed into the SVN repository.

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Recipe: Creating an SVN project

While there are plenty of tips in the wild how to add a project to an existing SVN repository, I have my own peculiar way to bootstrap one. Say, for moving my topic map knowledge base to SVN.

Let's assume I had a tree already:

ls knowledge/


Move that out of the way:

mv knowledge knowledge.orig

Create the local SVN infrastructure:

mkdir -p knowledge/{tags,branches,trunk}

Yes, bash can do that.

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Wolf in Sheep's Clothings (Part I)

The other week at the Triple-I conference Andreas Blumauer mentioned to me AllegroGraph as a product which can do geospatial and temporal reasoning. I was not deterred by their criminally 90'ish web site (Update 4.4.09: there is now a new flashy design!) and downloaded their free Java edition with an upper limit of 50,000,000 triples.


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