Week of 09/28/2008 - 02:00 to 10/05/2008 - 01:59

Topic Map server revived

This week I have revived my "TM server"


and ported it to a more modern web framework (Catalyst). I also added some indexing support to be able to deal more effectively with larger maps.

I have injected also some of the better maps I had. But my update backlog is substantial, so much of the recent TM activity will not be there, and also not for some time. I am still recovering from the Bond University damage.

For the time being it will be a pretty passive system which I abuse as personal bookmark service.

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Perl TM 1.44 Maintenance Release

Due to sloppy TMP file handling on my side, the automatic testing network attached to CPAN reported various problems with more recent versions of Perl.

The maintenance release (1.44) I just uploaded should address most of them. It also includes minor functional fixes. Consult the Changes file for details.

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To be, or not to be margreted

  • And? Have you been margreted again?

Larcus Mandall was grinning. As usual, my evil twin at Bond University was sitting behind his tiny desk, that defensively facing the door.

His question was his way to invite me to one of our regular intellectual fencing sessions.

No, not this time. I tricked her.

Margret was the wife of my room neighbor, a patronizing maths professor from a different epoch.

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October Demotivator Posters

Your wait is over, so give your reload button a break.

Posters are prettier this time as I am using a new generator. No, I will not tell you where it is. It is mine, mine...

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