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This time I'm ahead of time. Actually I'm always ahead of my time...

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Sultans of Slime

Being employed at Bond University also means that you are subjected to their corporate mailing list:

The Bond Spammigator (Ta Ta Ta Taaaaaa!)

In effect this means that about 10 to 20 emails per day are force fed down to you, all from various administrative units, superiors, ueber-superiors, assistants of the temporary under-superiors, managing directors of advising assistants to the marketing subcommittee on christmas cards, etc.

The corporate university. A beauty. And so educated, too.

They always inform you about all important changes. Really important things.

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TU-BALL 2009 (Ball der Technik)

01/29/2009 - 21:30
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Random Short Story

The glider was shaking violently. The pilot grew nervous as he continued to loose speed and altitude. He knew that an Aleph 3 was not operational below the troposphere and that he was likely to impact on E6 if he would not solve the problem quickly.

His mission had been to approach E6, shortly descend into its stratosphere, dispatch the man-sized capsule and rejoin the fleet orbiting around E4. But for some reason the capsule would not detach properly, most likely it got caught in one of the straps.

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