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Perl Police: Developer On The Run (Graph::Bipartite)

Ok, here is my new MO (method of operation):

Whenever I see an awful piece of Perl (even if only a 0.01 version and especially if it is on CPAN), then I analyze it thoroughly, write the developer an email with my findings. And wait for a response.
After 3 emails without response, I rat out the module to the Perl Police. Even if it is a 0.01 version and especially if it is on CPAN.
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Announce: Graph::PetriNet on CPAN

One of the problems I have to solve for my infrastructure is to compute semantic landscapes ("SemScapes" if you were so marketing-ish inclined) with an efficient computation model.

If, for instance, a user has added a new document to the document corpus, then new feature vectors, after that new vector spaces, new convergence models, new landscapes and new maps (as images) have to be generated.

There is a dependency graph, quite similar to one you are used with tools like make.

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