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Perl Idea: GearmanX::Worker

I am now in the process to move a number of CPU intensive jobs into Gearman workers.

What Is

Unfortuntely, the required boilerplate code for that is quite crufty:

First, inside your workers you are supposed to do this:

use Gearman::Worker;
my $worker = Gearman::Worker->new;

That object is not what it appears to be. It is not a worker, but actually the handle to the job server.

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TM::IP RESTful in Peace

I had mentioned earlier that have now reorganized my new TM server (based on Catalyst/mod_perl/Apache) along the REST paradigm. In my case this means that not only TM data, but also documents attached to it, vector spaces, and so forth are exposed RESTfullish.

At first this appeared to be more RESTfoolish as it was quite difficult to squeeze everything into a GET/PUT/POST corset. And it also was much more work than I had planned to invest, mostly because not only the original resources, but also all machine learning processes have to be exposed, and if it is only their configuration parameters. And they have plenty.

But I seem to have reaped the benefits much earlier than anticipated. Read on.

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