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Robert's Teaching Tip of the Day (Tip 2)

Bond University has recently celebrated its 20th birthday. According to the vice chancellor, Robert Stable, Bond is well on its way to join the Ivy League, Harvard, Yale and Princeton. This, so I read amused, is driven by Bond's epic struggle towards academic excellence. It has definitely nothing to do with any Porsches or Maseratis in the student parking lot.

As I happened to accompany Bond on its Golden Path to enlightenment and have seen the business model from the inside, I have skimmed their tricks of trade in the process. Tricks I'm ready to share with you.

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Tutorial: TM Semantic Visualisation (Part I)

Before we can look at the impact the topology of a topic map makes on the visualisation, we first consider only the text content itself. And to have a better control over it we will stick to purely synthetic maps, i.e. those where the text follows certain patterns we control.


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