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Tutorial: TM Semantic Visualisation (Part II)

(continued from Part I)

The last time we looked at a map which only contained two topics and where the documents attached to the two topics are completely disjunct:



One additional observation we can make is that the landscape has a rather peculiar structure: If you follow the JJJ mountain southwards towards the HHH ridge, you will see that that continues at the top.

The same holds for the east-west horizon: If you follow the EEE

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Robert's Teaching Tip of the Day (Tip 3)

One of the things we at Bond University struggled with was to keep the kids entertained and in the class rooms.

For that, a colleague of mine (aka Dr. Evil) had devised a cunning approach: While the lecture notes were electronically available (as Word documents), before any lecture you could only download a version where half of the content was blanked out. For the students to fill out during class. After every lecture the full document was made available.

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August Demotivator Posters

While you are all sunbathing (probably in your mini tangas, sheesh), it is left to me to bring wisdom into this world.

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