Week of 10/25/2009 - 02:00 to 11/01/2009 - 01:59

libtmrm2, Another C-library for TMRM

Ever since I met Jan Schreiber in Oslo a while back I had this itch that someone should write a C library for TMRM. Not only to host maps in proxy form, but more importantly to have a fast evaluation mechanism for myTMQL path expressions.

I was waiting for an opportunity to pack this into one of the paid projects, but that opportunity never arose.

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CatBert on EU Research

I was still somewhat drowsy this morning when I entered my office. CatBert was already up and had occupied my chair. Curiously he browsed through my email and did not even take notice of me.

As I had yet too little energy to start another conversation I turned to the kitchen preparing the coffee. Only the soft "thump" sound coming from the office told me the CatBert had jumped off the chair and had followed me.

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Tutorial: TM Semantic Visualisation (Part IV)

(continued from Part III)

Last time I left off with showing you how individual documents would be blended into a landscape which is computed from a topic map.


So far I have ignored the topological structure of the topic map itself and computed the landscape only from the terms within the documents. But my ultimate goal is/was to visualize whole topic maps, not just the text corpus.

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