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I Found(ed a) Religion!

[Beware: Topic Maps ahead.]

Once you reach a certain age, you seriously ask yourself whether this has been be all: wealth, fame and many beautiful women.

It is the time when you look for a more integrated meaning in the universe. A meaning which transcends all levels of abstraction. And a processing model which gets rid of the silly separation between programming language and semantic data store with its static knowledge.

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ESTC 2009 Impressions

Start of December I attended the ESTC 2009 (European Semantic Technologies Conference) here in Vienna.

It was my first attendence, and it was interesting to see how the non-academic faction of the semantic web crowd looked like. I had seen the academic portion at the ESWC 2009 where I presented a paper on semantic time series in one of the workshops.

And while I wore my Topic Maps T-shirt publicly in Heraklion, at the ESTC it was kept well hidden under my pullover all the time.

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Data Dynamics in Semantic Systems (Part III)

(continued from Part II)

One thing Formula 3 (F3) was designed to help with is the quantitative transformation of time series. If you had to compute the mean values over an 1-hour interval of, say, the ticket sales then the following TSP operator takes care of it:

< [t-1 hour .. t].mean >
   every 10 minutes

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