Week of 04/04/2010 - 02:00 to 04/11/2010 - 01:59

Perl TM 1.47 Maintenance Release

Since the last release there have been a few smaller additions, such as

  • an neighborhood functionality into TM::Graph.

Both I need for the map visualisation toolchain.

I also fixed some problems when using maps with the MLDBM backend.

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Module::Build Double::Plus::Good

For my latest Perl projects I have switched from ExtUtils::MakeMaker with its Makefile.PL to Module::Build.

So far I have been using it quite naively, but this time I had special requirements:

I am packaging a server (TM::IP), so there are not only Perl packages and a client-side script (ts), but also the daemon code and the configuration files:

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Recipe: Supervising Daemons With daemontools

Up to yesterday, for my Topic Maps REST server (tmipd) I have used startup and shutdown scripts to control it, quite in the Apache tradition:

/etc/init.d/tmipdctrl start|stop|restart

On start, it would detach from the terminal and would daemonize.

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