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Wolf in Sheep's Clothings (Part IV)

(continued from part III)

Over the last year I had hardly time to advance my Perl client to the AllegroGraph tuple server. Which is a shame, as it is fun to take the existing REST interface and to offer it in a perlish mindset.

So when the Perl hackathon (report) was in Vienna these days, and coincidentally also the RDF Perl hackathon Geilo next week, I thought I should use the opportunity to a rub shoulders with the Perl illuminaries, at least for half a day. But when I arrived, everyone was already in deep hacking mode, so I had no excuse but to do programming myself.

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High-Definition Semantic Maps (Part IV)

(continued from Part III)

Lately I invested more work in the backend server (TM::IP) to also host the document positions: Positions of those documents which - together with the underlying semantic network - form the landscape.


The theme is still MapReduce, but with considerable more content than before.

Seamless document access

On top of Seadragon I then implemented a bit of mouse hover logic to be able to preview HTML and PDF pages directly onto of the map.

**Play with it!**

But if you break it, you buy it.

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