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Michaelus Haeuplus, Wurschtikus Ultimus

I realize that becoming an effective terrorist is not that trivial.

Sure, with all my background as university lecturer I can instill all the fear into people. And I have enough psychological endurance to counter any middle-aged dog lady. But that is all pointless if it cannot be complemented with the proper dose of hopelessness and despair.

This is where Michael Häupl, the long-long-long-time mayor of Vienna and heavy-heavy-heavy-weight of the Socialist Party shines.

He recently endorsed his party pal Mr. Hundstorfer as candidate for the (now past) elections to the national presidency in Austria. Mr. Hundstorfer himself is a party animal, having started in the city of Vienna collecting dog fees as small official, rising through the union and party ranks to a minister position. (Unions here have an unwritten entitlement to delegate the Minister for social affairs.)

Mr. Häupl in his own words:

Vom Referat für Hundesteuer zum höchsten Amt im Staat. Da ist der Tellerwäscher, der Millionär wird, ein Wurstel dagegen.


From dog tax collector to the highest state office. Every selfmade millionaire is a moron in comparison.

I, for myself, had already known this to be true in Austria. But I had never heard someone from the upper socialist echelon having it spoken out loud. And without even the tiniest hint of cynicism.

So the next time I chat with engineers of some ailing startup I will not fail to mention the success story of Mr. Hundstorfer. One innocuous side remark like "... and if all fails, you can still join the socialist party ..." will certainly send the proper despair wave to make the kids start thinking about emigrating.

Cudos to Michael H. So few words, so ultimate the despair. I have so much to learn.